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We love our job's! For the single reason we get to help manufacturers increase through put and in most cases decrease labor.


This past month we helped on a powder application utilizing an Automatic filling machine manufactured by All-Fill Packaging Systems, Exton, PA.  with various containers of nutraceuticals. This nutraceutical company is based in Central NJ has automated there facility with the utmost care regarding all GMP systems.  From a single semi automatic machine back in the day to several automatic lines of filling and ancillary packaging equipment.  Increasing throughput while utilizing the work force in different areas to maximize employee cost per goods produced. That's how Plant-Automation-Group can help...


Start up manufacturer looking to do flavoring pastes in a plastic container. "How do I cook the product and then remove it from the kettle and into the container with out losing heat". We can do that! Let's supply a kettle, transfer pump to a filling system integrated with a capping machine.  Now you need to bring the product down in temperature, dry the container, and apply a pressure sensitive label and case pack.  We can do that as well!  12-14 week lead with installation and training taking three additional weeks.  Ok we will be responsible for taking the equipment off the truck, storing, installing the compressor, new electrical panel, and locating all drop points for then new filling and packaging line.  Then we will mechanically install, wire each machine, and schedule staff to be trained.  Sounds like a complete Plant-Automation-Group system has been achieved.


Large snack food supplier requires a rigid packaging line for club stores.  Hmmm... Take a look at throughput required, how many operators would be allowed to work the line, and what floor space is available for this line?  Need 40cpm of a 5lb. fill of dry snack food product's that require 2-3 operators in a 120 square feet.  We can do that! Client will do the rigging, mechanical install & electrical install. We supply layout drawing of line, with all transfers, drop locations for pneumatic and electrical. 8-10 weeks delivered. Training done in stages of 3 weeks...


We need to fill a small particulate (passing 8 mesh) into a foil poly laminate that can stand up on a shelf. Need something in 8 weeks with a fill accuracy of less than .5% on 2lb fill. We can do that... Got lucky vertical form fill seal machine on the floor, so we build a filler and bulk fill system.  Equipment hits clients floor in 6 weeks with one whole week to do the installation.  Installation competed in two days! Up-coming equipment required will be an X-Ray system from Eagle Product Inspection for 100% product inspection of the final retail product. Metal contaminate, agglomeration's, foreign particulate, and weight all done with the X-Ray system by Eagle Product Inspection, Tampa, Florida


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